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Paul Broadnax: Press

"I'm glad he happened along in our time because he gives the listener so much pleasure" - Joe Williams

"I feel like I'm passing the torch." - Joe Williams

"I thank Paul for providing the world with a great collection of super music, for being so wonderfully talented, and for being just who he is." - Donn Trenner

"Aside from a magnificent pianist and accompanist, Paul is a gentleman, a bon vivant, a credit to the profession and a major force in the perpetuation of the craft of jazz. Those who appreciate talent will wonder where he's been" - Clark Terry

"For his part, Paul Broadnax did just what is called for when a dream comes true. He rose to the occasion, investing every bit of passion and musicality into the final result." - Bob Blumenthal

When Paul Broadnax plays piano and sings, you reach for a hand to hold. Among the 100-plus players on board the S.S. Norway for its 15th annual floating jazz festival, Broadnax became a favorite." - Janet Palmer, The Columbus Dispatch

"Lingering warmth: A Paul Broadnax performance. It's about smiles. It's about love. It's about time." - Mike Palter

"This music makes you smile, makes you sigh. This music gives you one of those Paul Broadnax bearhugs." - Peter Bodge